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Dr. Hugo Van Heuverswyn (1948)


Dr. Hugo Van Heuverswyn is one of the pioneers in turning modern biotechnology into industrial applications in Flanders. He obtained a chemistry degree at the State University of Ghent where he also obtained a PhD degree under the guidance of Prof. Walter Fiers whose group was the first ever to unravel the structure of a complete viral DNA genome.

After a most fruitful academic career, Dr. Van Heuverswyn moved on along the more entrepreneurial path and created Innogenetics nv, one of the pioneering biotech companies in Europe. Dr. Van Heuverswyn also has been the chairman of the Flemish Institute of Biotechnology (VIB) since its inception in 1995. Since 2000 he has been instrumental in the startup of several new biotech companies in different countries and in 2003 he co-founded FlandersBIO, the association of Flemish Biotech companies.

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