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Grant application management


  • stimulation of research & development,
    Various initiatives are available for the funding of basic industrial research, prototype development, feasibility studies, innovation projects,

  • support in human resources recruitment,
    Support measurements are available for companies that recruit scientific personnel, technology specialists, department head export, department head integrated quality assurance, recruitment of personnel in companies with less than 10 employees, recruitment of unemployed people, disabled people,

  • stimulation of export activities,
    Initiatives to reduce currency risks, subsidies to stimulate export are available in various forms and quantities depending upon the exported products and the export destination.

  • investment support,
    Various measurements ranging from direct financial support over tax reductions to pledge securities are available when making investments for housing, new materials, prototype development, acquiring patents or licences,…

    Tax reductions can be asked for certain corporate investments in tangible and intangible fixed assets, in energy reduction, in ecological processes,…

    Risk capital is directly available through various governmental and/or regional initiatives, ...

    Additional loans with attractive conditions can be obtained from governmental organizations or pledge security can be obtained on bank loans,...

  • measurements to stimulate internal training,
    New initiatives are taken by the Flemish government to stimulate internal training. Various general training modules are organized and are free of charge. Bonuses are available when the employer organizes group training modules.
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