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Before you are going to set up your own company, you already had some sleepless nights, several discussions with close friends and colleagues, about what to do and how.

Before you start, BIP can help you make your business plan, your first guide in the development of your ideas towards your own company. It will be the road map that guides the growth and development of your new enterprise and will serve as an effective tool to understand your business and to tell your story to others (including potential investors, corporate partners, new employees, …).

When you decided to set up your company, BIP can guide you through the different stages of this process. BIP already started different biotechnology ventures in the past few years.

The next step in this process is raising money to ascertain the continuity of your company during the first and most critical years of its existence.

There are several ways to secure financing of the start-up: bank loans, venture capital, governmental initiatives, business angels, … all with their specific characteristics and involvements. Due to the very specific characteristics of a start-up biotech company, only very few of them are committed to provide seed-capital for biotechnology / life sciences start-ups. Here you can already find a list of venture capital organisations in Belgium. (PDF File)

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