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Transportation of Biotech Related Goods


Transportation is a complex matter subject to various regulations and varying from one country to another. Depending upon the nature of your sample (antibody, living organisms, serum samples, cell culture, genetically modified organisms, waste, toxic samples, flammables, corrosives, gases, radioactive samples, ...) different rules may apply.

Two services can be provided:

1. Assistance in shipping  
  If you are not acquainted with transportation rules, export regulations, customs declarations, shipping documents, export license, export certificate, choosing the right airway carrier, … , and you want to start sending materials regularly to one or more specific destinations, we can work out the whole transportation pathway (documents, carriers, customs, licenses, …) for you, so from now on you can send the samples without any delays or unpleasant surprises.

If you only have to send your precious materials from time to time to various destinations, we can take care of the complete organization for you including the whole administration and the pick up of the materials at your premises.

You like to send your materials but some details are still unclear. You can contact us and we will help you further in this complex matter.

Fulfillment of the function of internal or external Safety Advisor for the Transport of Dangerous Goods (Certificate of the Belgian and of the Dutch authorities) as described in KB 1.7.1999. This service applies to those companies legally obliged to make an appeal to a registered Safety Advisor (e.g. companies packing / shipping materials classified as class 6.2 (potentially infectious material. biomedical waste,.)). Whether the obligation exists to contract a Safety Advisor depends on the classes of Dangerous Goods shipped and for certain classes on the amount shipped per year.

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