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What we offer
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From Idea to Company:

The goal of the Biotech Incubation Partners team is to turn high quality research results in Biotechnology and Life Sciences into a succesfull business enterprise.
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Starting your company:

Biotech Incubation Partners can assist you in the complex process of setting up your new biotech venture.
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Young Biotech companies:

You just started your company and suddenly a huge range of tasks is occupying a major part of your time; it becomes hard to keep focus on the development of your technology and products. Outsourcing non-core activities to an experienced team would really help you to keep focus on these core activities. Therefore BIP offers a range of services that can be of significant help in the further development of your company.
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Larger Biotech Companies:

Even larger and more established biotech companies will find here a range of services they can rely upon in their organisation, especially when setting up new activities or reorganising existing structures within the company as a whole or in a specific department.
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